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Stuart Title Guaranty Accused by Georgia Insurance Regulators of Bilking Consumers

The Doss Firm

Virtually every homeowner purchases title insurance when they buy a home. Stuart Title Guaranty is one of the nation’s largest providers of title insurance. According to a recent Atlanta Journal Constitution article entitled Title insurance company accused of overcharging, the Georgia Department of Insurance filed a regulatory action against the company alleging that Stuart Title Guaranty violated Georgia law more than 600,000 times between 2003 through 2007. The Department alleged that the violations caused consumers to pay more than they should have for title insurance. Specifically, the Department alleged that Stuart illegally permitted closing attorneys to charge what ever they wanted to charge. The company also permitted agents to charge consumers with the same risk profiles different premium amounts. The formal adminstrative hearing is scheduled to begin sometime in February. The article also stated that the average overcharge was about $200 per consumer.

Even though the overcharge amount per individual is small, collectively it amounts to a lot. If you are a customer of Stuart Title Guaranty, you have legal rights to collect for the overcharges. Most likely, the best way to proceed against the company is on a class-wide basis.

The Doss Firm, LLC has handled mutiple large class actions on behalf of Georgia consumers. Please feel free to contact us if you feel that you have been aggrieved.

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