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AARP Joins With North Carolina to Protect Investors

The Doss Firm

According to, AARP along with the North Carolina Secretary of State Elaine Marsall and Financial Industrial Regulator Authority Foundation President John Gannon are joining forces in an effort to protect elderly investors from investment fraud. They have begun a statewide campaign to educate investors and assist them in avoiding investment scams.

This type of education is critical and it is hoped that this campaign will provide investors with the tools to determine whether they are being marketed a fraudulent investment. Each day individuals, both young and old, fall victim to investment schemes. No one is safe and all investments should be screened with the same intensity.

If you would like more information on investment fraud, please go to our website at If you feel as though you may be a victim of an investment scheme, do not hesitate to contact our office to discuss your legal rights. An initial consultation with one of our lawyers is free. Remember time is of the essence when you are considering a legal remedy.

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